The UT Health San Antonio Clinical Trial Portal is used by External Entities to initiate contact with UT Health San Antonio for new Clinical Research Study Opportunities.

Who should use this portal?

  • External Entities:  Industry Sponsors, CRO's, Cooperative Groups and Networks interested in placing a new trial at UTHealthSA.

What happens next?
One of our two Clinical Trials Offices will assist you with the study startup process

  • The Mays Cancer Center CTO coordinates all cancer related trials.
  • The VPR CTO coordinates all other (non-cancer) trials.

 Who should NOT use this portal?

  • UTHealthSA investigators or Research Staff:
    • CANCER RESEARCH:  Research teams are no longer required to submit studies to the Clinical Trials Portal, instead submit by email to mcc_startup@uthscsa.edu. This will begin the Cancer Center Process. Following CDST Review and Approval, MCC Regulatory Affairs will register the study in ERMS IRB on your behalf.  
    • NON-CANCER RESEARCH:  Research teams are no longer required to submit studies to the Clinical Trials Portal, instead they can submit the study directly in ERMS - Click here to submit!.  In ERMS a user will need to submit all studies to the IRB and will separately need to submit to Agreements when there is a research agreement associated to the study.  The reviews for IRB and Agreements can be reviewed concurrently.

 Security: This questionnaire uses UT Health San Antonio's instance of REDCap. REDCap is a secure web authentication application that is HIPAA compliant. Access is through centralized two factor authentication, all data are encrypted meeting FISMA security standards, physical, network, and computer security is third-party monitored and enforced through the university's Information Assurance Division.

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