Thank You for Starting Your Application to the STRONG STAR Training Initiative

The STRONG STAR Training Initiative conducts Learning Communities with mental health providers through intensive training in the Crisis Response Plan (CRP) for suicide prevention.

The Crisis Response Plan (CRP) Learning Community will consist of:

  1. Pre-Workshop Webinars
  2. 1-Day In-Person Workshop in Crisis Response Plan (CRP) for suicide prevention
  3. 4 Months of Weekly 1-hour group phone consultation
  4. Training webinars on advanced practice topics
  5. Organizational Consultation

The Texas Veteran + Family Alliance Grant Program has generously funded the STRONG STAR Training Initiative to provide training in the Crisis Response Plan for suicide prevention at NO COST to Texas Licensed Mental Health Providers through June 2019.

If you are a provider practicing outside of Texas, we are not able to offer this training to you at this time. Please consider checking out Crisis Response Plan for Suicide Prevention to learn about other upcoming trainings outside Texas: We hope to be able to provide training in CRP to providers outside Texas in the future.

All providers participating will receive up to 20 continuing education credits upon completion.

This application consists of questions about your practice and organization and should take 20 minutes to complete.

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